13 Reasons to induce Stoked concerning E-Bikes

The first factor you ought to apprehend about e-bikes is that they’re here to remain. electrical bike sales jumped by a fantastic 96 % between July 2016 and July 2017 alone, in line with the marketing research firm NPD cluster. It’s an almost $65 million trade, and there’s no sign of a holdup. Some read the increase of e-bikes as a threat, as if customary bikes can go the approach of the penny-farthing once everybody goes electrical. however concern not: E-bikes aren’t here to rob USA of our human-powered approach of life. In fact, they'll okay enhance it. Here’s everything you would like to grasp concerning the electrical revolution.
1. E-bikes build pedaling easier. Generally speaking, e-bikes square measure bicycles with a powered “assist” that comes via pedaling or, in some cases, a throttle. after you push the pedals on a pedal-assist e-bike, a little motor engages and offers you a lift, therefore you'll be able to secure hills and cruise over robust tract while not gassing …


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The Crazy ebikes In Israel

The Crazy ebikes In Israel
Recently, people in Israel have seen a powerful legislation actions on the ebikes from the goverment, every container of ebikes that into Israel customs are under surveilance. Which makes every seller complian about, their containers are caught in the customs, not able to clear through, tik tok tik tok..., money are gone by minutes. But the only word from the government is WAIT!!!

What caused this?

Lets take a look at these videos first,

As you see, the emerging accidents that caused injuries and even death cause by electric bikes have finnally drawn the attention of the authority of Israel. They can't pretend not seeing or push off the regulation responsibility anymore.

How come ebikes'situation become like this? What's special of this 8 million population country regarding electric bikes? 

We'll see by next article.

Electric Bike:What are "A" "C" "AH"?

There are 3 concepts regarding electric bikes that always been misunderstood, the “A” “C” and “AH”.
Well, what are they?
-A is a unit of current, the number that is in front of A stands for the scale of current(output or input).
-AH is a short form of Amp Hour, AH is a unit of the storage of electric power in a battery, for instance, a battery indicates 36V/10AH, means there are 10 Amp Hours electric power stored in this battery. And you can see mAH on the cells, like 2500mAH, 2600mAH, 2900mAh...which is quite easy to calculate, 1000*mAH=AH.
-And there is another concept involved when talking about AH, the Discharge Rate, which we always use C to describe. 1C means the continuous discharge current is 1A, 2C means continuous discharge rate is 2A. To make it easier to understand, take another example, theoretically, a 36V/10AH battery discharged at the rate of 2C will be used to empty in 5 Hours, which 10AH/2C=5 Hours. While the higher rate of C is, higher performance and quality is asked …

Electric Bike Controller-Why The Shell Is Wrinkled?

Many may ask, why the shell surface of the controller is wrinkled rather than flat? Well, this is for 2 reasons The controller has to be made Small that can fit the place for itThe controller has much heat to radiate. The reason is clear now, wrinkled surface can expand the surface area to radiate heat while keeping the size of controller small as much as possible in both ways. Hope this helps you. Henry check this article on LinkedIn:Electric Bike Controller-Why The Shell Is Wrinkled?

How Can I Wire The EBIKE Controller Correctly?(Tips for consumers)

One day, one of my customer complained to me that there are too many wires out of the controller, and he didn't know what to do when his consumers came to him regarding the controller. A problem of customer is a problem of ours, so I drew a photograph for him, and now he knows what to do. Electric parts on an electric bike are mainly into below categories, ControllerBatteryMotorDisplayThrottleSensorBrake lever(with electric cut off, cut down power when hitting the brake by sending signals to controller)Head light(usually tail light is powered by cell batteries installed inside)Figuring out what parts are, it is much easier to clear out what kind of cables are connected to the controller. Take our electric bike and controllers for instance,see below picture,the division of cables are quite clear,
We use water proof cable plugs that achieve 2 goals, water proofing and integrating. From the picture, display, brake lever and throttle share same plug, as they share the space on the handle …